Vocal / Rap

  • – Sing ‘Pop or K-pop’ without music or instrumental. (Up to 1 min.)


  • – Cover or own creative dance (Up to 1 min)
  • – Bring own music (MP3 or Cell-phone play)
  • – Applicants who has as after iPhone version 7, must bring the earphone connector for music.


  • – Bring the own composed music file in USB memorial device or please be with musical instrument for
    playing own music.
  • – Any kind of musical instruments are not provided at the audition site.


  • – Free acting (Up to 1 min)

[Pre-registration Period]

  • BANGKOK) 4th Oct. – 17th Oct.
  • HONG KONG) 4th Oct. – 3rd Nov.
  • TORONTO) 4th Oct. – 10th Nov.
  • NEW YORK) 4th Oct. – 17th Nov.
  • LOS ANGELES) 4th Oct. – 25th Nov.

* In Taiwan, only for students of several designated schools and other cannot apply for the Taiwan audition.

* The application deadline is based on Korean local Time(GMT+9).


  • – Please write your name and personal information in English.
  • – Application in advance, must write your email address in application.

    (Audition time will be announced by your email)

  • – Each Location of the audition will be noticed later.
  • – On-site application is open between 2 PM to 4 PM.

    * Auditions will be conducted in the order of reception. Waiting times may occur.

  • – Accepted applicants are noticed individually. (The individual notification will not proceed with unaccepted