A Pleasant Experience of fantagio

Listed on KosDAQ, fantagio Corp. is Korea's largest integrated entertainment company that specializes in managing business areas such as management, record production, film and drama production, and overseas performances.

We are advancing our business with content production for films, TV drama, music, and expending business through education and training that develop new stars and star marketing that maximizes the value of celebrities.

JC Group
Culture - the Soul of Cities

Headquartered at Hangzhou and Suzhou China, the parent company of Fantagio, JC Group is a corporate developing business on cultural industry through Public Private Projects (PPP) with Chinese government and is now undergoing various Eco-City Projects with distinctive brands and features.

As the sector responsible for public performances and the production, investment of cultural contents, Jincheng Youxiang Culture Development Group has been creating a self-sufficient ecosystem including planning, production and circulation of cultural contents through a video platform“Youxiang TV” and an art-talent-cultivating program “JC Talents”.

Together with the investments on No.1 Box Office Record keepers such as , and , JC Group has participated in more than 20 production projects of movies and dramas. In the near future, the group will present the latest production of Stephen Chow to the audiences as well.

Besides, the group has produced a public performance of one-belt-one-road “FOR EVER” by making use of “JC Theatre Centre” and “JC High Technology” at the famous Water Cube in Beijing and has received good press from the public.

With a wide variety of productions on movie, drama and public performance in the past and coming up in the future, JC Group is working on widening the scope of cultural industry and will provide unique, special entertainment experience to the audiences with unlimited imagination.


fantagio music

music production

Record label

fantagio pictures

film production

Film and TV drama
production company

solid C&M

star business

Restaurant franchises,
education, distribution, etc.

vision & strategy

Striving to Become a Top Entertainment Company that Represents Korea.

Pursue and share, wealth and value with all skateholders as the world best entertainer group.

  • Organization / process
    innovation for synergy
    of Intergrated business

  • Strengthening the specialties
    of all business areas by boosting
    their quality

  • Diversification of
    business for further
    growth engine

  • Strengthening overseas
    operation for global
    business expansion

fantagio plans to establish an innovative Research and Development System, such as the Actors league and declaring the unprecedented 'Actor Group', for creating 'Multi-tainer' and 'Actor-tainer' in the industry.

We are expecting the artists, through the 'Multi-player' system, to extend their original contents all over the world beyond the Asian market.

In particular, we introduced the ABC (Artist Based Contents creating) Methods through Web-toon, the differentiated contents by introducing new Star Marketing Method.

'The Short Film Project: the Beginning' (the collaboration between the rookie actors in fantagio and talented film producers) by fantagio Creative Lab had grown us up as a leader in cultural content in the industry.

Furthermore, we will strive to advance Korean Wave and become a cultural content company representing the Republic of Korea.


2018.02 WEKI MEKI 2nd Mini Album <Lucky>
2018.01 'FM201.8' Bily Acoustie, Yoon San-ha(ASTRO) <Because I’m a fool>
2018.01 WEKI MEKI Digital Single <Butterfly (2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Special)>
2018.01 'FM201.8' Song Ju-hee <Twenty-something>
2017.11 ASTRO 5th Mini Album <Dream Part.02>
2017.08 WEKI MEKI 1st Mini Album <WEME>
2017.08 Launch of Girl-Group <WEKI MEKI>
2017.07 Production and broadcast of web drama <Idol Fever> (total 10 episodes)
2017.07 SURPRISE U 1st Mini Album <I DO>
2017.07 Launch of Actor-Group <SURPRISE U>
2017.06 Short Film Project : beginning <Just walk along the ‘well-made’ road>, <You, deep inside of me>, <Big Big World>, <Simple, but special date>, <My boy>, <Seong-Woo is alright> Production and Release
2017.05 ASTRO 4th Mini Album <Dream Part.01>
2017.03 SURPRISE U Trainees OST <Stay>
2017.02 ASTRO Special Album <Winter Dream>
2017.01 HELLOVENUS 6th Mini Album <Mystery of Venus>
2016.11 ASTRO 3rd Mini Album <Autumn story>
2016.11 HELLOVENUS part 3, Runway
2016.08 5URPRISE Japan 2nd Single <Shake It Up>
2016.07 ASTRO 2nd Mini Album <Summer Vibes>
2016.02 ASTRO 1st Mini Album <Spring Up>
2016.02 Launch of Boy-Group <ASTRO>
2015.10 5URPRISE Japan 1st Debut Single <5urprise Flight>
2015.08 Production and broadcast of web drama <To be Continued>
2015.07 HELLOVENUS 5th Mini Album <I'm ill>
2015.01 HELLOVENUS Digital Single <Wiggle Wiggle>
2014.11 5URPRISE 1st Single <From My Heart>
2014.11 HELLOVENUS 4th Single <Sticky Sticky>
2014.10 Listed on KoSDAQ
2014.10 Co-production and broadcast of tvN drama <Liar Game> (total 12 screenings)
2014.04 Opening of the <Manager Training Academy> (10 students in third semester)
2014.02 Production and broadcast of MBC Wed/Thurs drama <Cunning Single Lady> (total 16 episodes)
2013.12 Listed on KoNEX
2013.11 Opening of <Manager Training Academy> (10 students in second semester)
2013.10 Production and premiere of film <Rollercoaster>
2013.09 Launch of Actor-Group <5URPRISE>
2013.09 Production and broadcast of mobile drama <Bokbulbok after school> (total 12 episodes)
2013.08 HELLOVENUS Live Album 2013
2013.05 HELLOVENUS 3rd Mini Album <Would you stay for tea?>
2013.03 Korea's First Opening of the <Manager Training Academy> (9 students in first semester)
2012.12 HELLOVENUS 2nd Mini Album <What are you doing today?>
2012.10 Recognized as a ‘Hidden Champion of Cultural Content’(Collaborative Project of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and IBK Bank)
2012.09 Launch of <Cafe Fantagio>
2012.08 Co-production and premiere of film <577 Project>
2012.08 Co-production and broadcast of XTM program <Adrenalin> (total 12 screenings)
2012.07 HELLOVENUS Digital Repackage <Like A Wave>
2012.05 HELLOVENUS 1st Mini Album <VENUS>
2012.05 Launch of girl group <HELLOVENUS>
2012.02 Co-production and premiere of film <Love Fiction>
2011.11 Subsidiaries Fantagio Pictures, Solid C&M, Fantagio Music founded
2011.09 Co-production and premiere of film <Dogani>
2011.06 Company name changed to 'fantagio Corp.'
2011.04 Certified as a venture enterprise (Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
2011.01 Subsidiary 'Madin Entertainment' founded
2010.12 Co-production and premiere of Film <Finding Kim Jong-wook>
2010.05 Strategic partnership MOU signed with National Culture Monopoly Investments Ltd. of China
2008.09 NOA Entertainment founded